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The attention we put in choosing raw materials and the care we use in cooking them are the first step  towards what we think is going to be a great experience, rich of tastes, aromas and colors. Our kitchen is Origano’s beating heart, the place where Italian cuisine tradition and contemporary cooking skills come together and passion becomes art through our pastas, pizzas, meat & fish, vegetarian and vegan choices, homemade desserts and …much more.

Our kitchen is located in the middle of the restaurant, with glass walls so everybody can see what is going on inside. It is a reflection of our philosophy of being open and willing to share preparation and cooking experiences with our customers . An extensive menu of Mediterranean recipes that include vegetarian and vegan options  allow us to offer you a vast selection of seasonal foods to enjoy together with your tablemates .

All this is our recipe for a relaxing, simple and yet tasteful experience. 

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A margherita pizza to table 5!

Pizza history started long time ago and  has a little magic in it. We take care of  pizza’s dough since it is made with high quality flour and then along all transformation phases till it is ready to be baked and then served to our customers.

The ability and  dexterity  of our “Pizzaioli” will bring onto your table a “first class” pizza topped with the best Italian ingredients to enjoy the unique taste of tradition .

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How about an espresso coffee and a sweet ?

Origano’s Bar is full of colors, music and aromas. During the morning, the fragrance of fresh-ground  coffee  welcomes clients who come for a delicious cappuccino and our fabulous croissants stuffed with honey, cream, jams, and… you name it. Having breakfast or a pause from work becomes a good opportunity to meet colleagues, friends or just nice people. If you are breaking for a quick lunch, you are always in perfect time for a tasty and healthy sandwich  made with all fresh ingredients in our kitchen . You can try different choices whether you like the traditional Italian “ panini “ or  vegetarian ,vegan options . In the afternoon a wide choice of teas  along with a selection of cookies would make your feel relaxed and happy to spend time with us . At last ,in the evening , we can share with you the happy hour Italian version , called “ Aperitivo “ . .. And again  a broad selection of  traditional ,vegetarian , vegan plates are waiting for you.

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Seat down and relax , we are cooking for you 

Behind every recipe there is great care, intuition and experience. Besides , the choice and quality of ingredients are key to make our cooking dreams become reality on your table . All our recipes, from the most innovative to the more traditional ones, bring onto the table the willingness of satisfying all tastes and the desire of giving thoughtless moments of serenity.


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